Jewelry Making and Design
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Preview (modified to suit) THE Making of custom jewellery is an ancient art, and may be traced to a very remote period, not only by examples, of which there are many, but through ancient writings. Abundant examples of goldsmiths' work have been found in Egyptian tombs dating as far back as the fifteenth century B.C. The Bible has many references to the use of custom jewellery. The goldsmiths' craft, as practiced centuries ago, has many attractive features that may be adapted or applied to the craft work of the present time. The possibilities for the application of custom design rings are unlimited. With no other material can more satisfactory results be obtained in the finished piece of work than with that employed by the goldsmith. No other craft calls for such skill in the handling of the materials used, or so keen a sense of fine line and proportion in custom design rings. custom jewellery comprises various objects for personal adorn-ment, rendered precious by their workmanship. In the form of rings and pendants, custom jewellery may be merely decorative, or in the form of brooches and pins, it may be useful as well. The making of custom jewellery cultivates an appreciation of this ancient art. To acquire the keenest sense of appreciation for the fine custom jewellery of ancient or modern times, one must study the custom design ringss as expressed in the work, and practice the art. The knowledge derived from actual practice is both cultural and practical. It not only helps to develop the artistic impulse and make the individual sensitive to the beauty of nature as applied to metal, but it also arouses interest in the metal industries and the commercial proc-esses allied with the manufacture of custom jewellery on a large scale, such as mining, assaying and alloying. The pieces of custom jewellery most prized by our museums today are those made centuries ago, where cleverness in custom design rings and workmanship were of much greater value than the material used. * this book can be purchased from
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Jewelry Making and Design

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