The Platinum Bench Reference
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Preview: Replacing Platinum Prongs The following two projects both involve the replacement of platinum prongs. The first describes the repair of a solitaire ring setting; the second shows two techniques for the repair of a wire basket. The necessary tools include a #4 barrette file, tweezers, 1500 platinum solder, a non-silicon polishing wheel, a jewel-er's saw, a small ball burr, an abrasive wheel, a third hand, a pair of cutters, parrot-beak pliers, and a felt wheel. I . For the solitaire, begin by removing the stone and filing the damaged part of the prong to a 45° angle. This will make it easier to attach the new prong. 2. Shape a platinum wire to match the prong and file one end to the same 45° angle. Polish the wire. 3. Place the wire against the filed stub to ensure the angles match.
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The Platinum Bench Reference

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