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Design It Yourself

RingItOn is a new concept which has been developed to help you design and create your own bespoke jewellery. Instead of facing options of buying mass-produced jewellery or commissioning a jeweller to make you a ring which costs a lot of money, we decided there was a need for an online jewellery design service where you can design your own jewellery and also have it made for you – unique pieces of jewellery for every occasion.

Why pay for expensive middlemen when you can work direct with your own jeweller?


3D Prototypes
We appreciate it is difficult for you to visualize a design on a screen in a three-dimensional format. We also know that, as an example, you want to ensure a personally designed bespoke engagement ring is going to fit. 

To save time and minimize unnecessary mistakes, as soon as you are happy with the design you have created, we can create a 3D printed ring version of it in just a few hours and send it off to you in the post for checking.

The prototype in a gold-coloured finish is for just $45.00 including delivery. While this will not come with a stone, it will give you a great impression of how the finished ring will look and will ensure that you can make any final adjustments to guarantee your custom ring is exactly as you want it.


3-D Printing File
To help you reduce costs, if you have your own 3-D printer, once you have created your bespoke jewellery design, we can convert it to a 3D printer compatible file and upload it for you to download where you are. Your printer must have the capability to print at 0.1mm thickness and operate using an STL file.
This low-resolution file will help you print the ring you have designed, but it does not include the personalized features such as finger size, center stone size and inscription.
If your printer is capable of printing at 0.025mm thickness in high resolution Z layer, we can also provide you with a 3-D printing file which will enable you to create a more accurate ring where ring size, stone size and any inscription will be automatically taken into account. 
A low-resolution general ring style file is available for $15.00 while a personalized high resolution file is available for $175.00 


Metal Prototype

Of course you may want an even more realistic prototype of your bespoke engagement ring or bespoke diamond ring. In this case, we can create a crafted silver ring with a cubic zirconia stone to give you a much more realistic feel for what you have designed. This will give you a very good feel for what the final designer ring will feel like.

Center Stone - Diamond
RingItOn is an Australian-based company and we do have yout local affiliate stores which you can visit should you wish to choose a specific stone for your ring in person. We will gladly arrange an appointment for your visit to our affiliate stores, just need to give us a call.


Center Stone - Moissanite 

Moissanite is one of the closest stones in appearance to diamond and it is renowned for its brilliance and ability to refract light, which is what gives stones their sparkle. Moissanite diamonds can be included in your ring and prices start from $160.00 for a 0.5carat stone, ‘Forever Brilliant’ grade – the equivalent to a diamond of F/VS quality.

Center Stone - Semi Precious Gemstones

Prices for our natural semi-precious gemstones like topaz, amethyst, citrine to name a few are very appealing, and start at $30.00 for a 1 carat stone and can range in size up to 5 carats.


Center Stone - Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia

If you want the brilliance and sparkle of a beautiful diamond, but your pocket isn’t quite deep enough, then Swarovski’s Pure Brilliant Cut is a fantastic alternative for you, offering the same levels of brilliance of pure diamond.

All cubic zirconia cuts are performed in accordance with the cutting parameters used for natural diamonds and every Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia crystal is exclusively engraved to assure you of Swarovski originality.

We have a fantastic range of white round Swarovski crystals, all of them perfect as a centre stone for any design you create. Sizes range from a diameter of 6mm – 8mm and prices start from $10.00


Finger Size Gauge 
We don’t all have a handy set of ring size gauges in our drawer, and we can’t always get the time to visit a jeweller to get our finger measured.
To help you out, we can supply a comprehensive ring size gauge to make sure you create the perfect size of ring – this is one of the areas where most mistakes are concerned.
For just $8.95 we can dispatch a gauge to you immediately so that once you have finished creating your design, you can make sure you have the right size included in your order. Order your ring size gauge here

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