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A New Concept in Jewellery Design - Jewellery Component Design (J.C.D.)

We have spent over the last few years developing a design system for first-time jewellery designers to more experienced jewellery designers. However, if at any point you are unsure what to do, remember that we are just a phone call away and someone will be very happy to help you if you give us a call on 02-9221 3328.

We have also worked tirelessly to make the design process as fun and enjoyable as possible. Whether you want to create a beautiful engagement ring, a platinum diamond ring, or any other custom ring or jewellery, here with RingItOn you have all the tools you need literally at your fingertips.

Enjoy having access to hundreds of design ideas from talented jewellery designers which you can pick and choose from to design and create your own jewellery at a fraction of the normal cost.

new concept

At RingItOn creating your own bespoke jewellery is like working alongside your own personal jewellery designer who has years of design knowledge and ideas available for you to use. By breaking down all the design elements of engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings and hundreds of items of jewellery, we have created a library that you can then take individual elements from.

You can choose the width of ring band, the precious metal you want to use, the setting for the central stone, the type of central stone along with its size and shape, all thanks to the innovative JCD design library.

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