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Who We Are
If you find this website a bit different from others may be because the idea behind this and the implementation of this project is done by an Electrical Engineer, graduated from our local University of Sydney, not exactly from a traditional jeweller's background. Most importantly its goal is to help you getting your individual piece of jewellery at the highest quality with the lowest price possible = the best value for you.

Who is RingItOn?

RingItOn is a dynamic and innovative company created to bring a new service to jewellery lovers. Instead of having to put up with mass produced jewellery that all looks the same, now you can create your own designs, whether for jewellery or for an engagement ring, wedding ring or eternity ring.

However, RingItOn is a lot more than an online jewellery store. We have created an easy-to-use design tool to enable you to create your own perfect designs for bespoke jewellery and bespoke engagement rings, and then our skilled jewellers and craftsmen can turn your thoughts and ideas into a fantastic and stunning reality. Nowhere else can you design your own jewellery online!

RingItOn is made up of a team of passionate jewellery designers, master jewellers, diamond merchants, setters and polishers, cutters and engravers. In addition, we have technical specialists to help create 3D copies of your ring to enable you to see a mock-up of your design before committing to the final production.

What Sets Us Apart?

At RingItOn we don’t provide you with a selection of mass-produced rings and jewellery. Instead we are here to help you design your own jewellery and design your own rings using a system called Jewellery Component Design (JCD) which we are continuously adding new design elements to in order to give you the greatest design elements to choose from as you create your own unique design

In addition, we cater for all budgets, offering high-quality diamonds through to semi-precious gemstones, moissanite and cubic zirconia crystals from Swarovski.

We want you to look upon the team here at RingItOn as your background support network as we are all here to help you create that perfect piece of designer jewellery or ring. And if anything isn’t quite clear, just give us a call on 02-9221 3228 and we can help you in every way you may need.

We are as committed to providing you with customer service that is as brilliant as our gemstones!
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