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Finger Size Wizard
Finger Size Wizard

The ring size wizard helps to measure your finger so you know the correct ring size to include in your design.

 Measuring your finger does not interfere with the rest of the design process.
In Step 1, calibrate the pixel size on your screen by using a ruler to measure the length of the blue bar. After that, use your keyboard left or right keys to move the slider.
In step 2, after adjusting the true length of the blue line, measure the line again to ensure its length is between 19.5 and 20mm. This will complete the screen calibration process.
In step 3 place the ring finger on the vertical red bar and use the left and right keyboard arrows to adjust the width of the red bar until the full width of the bar is covered below the knuckle section of the finger, ensuring that no part of the red bar is visible.
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