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Centre Stone Type Available to Purchase Online

You can either supply your own centre stone or you can purchase one through RingItOn.

With the cost of jewellery today, and so many mass-produced items available, we know that many of you would love to have something more individual and personal, but commissioning a custom ring through a jeweller can be very expensive.

So what are your options?

Well if you have an old ring, perhaps a family heirloom, where the centre stone is a beautiful diamond but the design is too old fashioned, why not design your own ring and use the stone from the original ring?

Alternatively, we can provide you with an excellent range of high-quality stones, either diamonds, semi-precious stones, moissanite or Swarovski zirconia.

If you want to know more and feel you need any additional advice or information, just call us on 02-9221 3228 and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Centre Stone - Diamond

RingItOn is an Australian-based company and we do have your local affiliate stores which you can visit should you wish to choose a specific stone for your ring in person. We will gladly arrange an appointment for your visit to our affiliate stores, just need to give us a call.
Center Stone - Semi Precious Gemstones

Prices for our natural semi-precious gemstones like topaz, amethyst, citrine to name a few are very appealing, and start at $30.00 for a 1 carat stone and can range in size up to 5 carats.


Center Stone - Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia
Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cut delivers the same level of brilliance as natural diamonds.
The engraving guarantees that the zirconia stones are cut in accordance with the cutting parameters stated by the GIA as being 'ideal for diamonds'.
Every single Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia carries the exclusive Swarovski engraving, even down to a size of 0.8 mm.
If you want the brilliance and sparkle of a beautiful diamond, but your pocket isn’t quite deep enough, then Swarovski’s Pure Brilliant Cut is a fantastic alternative for you, offering the same levels of brilliance of pure diamond.


Center Stone - Moissanite 

Moissanite is one of the closest stones in appearance to diamond and it is renowned for its brilliance and ability to refract light, which is what gives stones their sparkle. Moissanite diamonds can be included in your ring and prices start from just $225.00 for a 0.5carat stone, ‘Forever Brilliant’ grade – the equivalent to a diamond of F/VS quality.

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