Natural Gemstone Eternity Ring
by Amey
Amey uses only natural gemstones. The ring is set all the way round with natural gemstones of your selection. The shank comes in two styles. One with heart-shaped filigree patterns(A567). One just plain(A546). This design is only made to order. You have the choices of 1, gemstone type 2, metal type either in silver, 9 karat or 18 karat gold. Sterling Silver $95.00 9 Karat (white or yellow) Gold $185.00 18 Karat (white or yellow) Gold $390.00 Sapphire stone ADD $60.00 Peridot stone ADD $30.00 The colors of gemstones and enamel please refer to the last photo above. Type in your selection by putting down the code (such as C1 for garnet) and metal type, also your finger size in the message box to the jeweller at checkout. C1 Garnet C2 Citrine Golden C3 Citrine Yellow C4 Pink Tourmaline C5 Amethyst Dark C6 Pink Sapphire C7 Rose Quartz C8 Amethyst Light C9 Black Sapphire C10 Green Garnet C11 Peridot C12 Smokey Quartz C13 Topaz London Blue C14 Topaz Swiss Blue C15 White Sapphire Price including GST. In order to make your decision easier we offer: - FREE delivery with purchase over $200.00 - FREE Gift Box - Wholesale Prices - Made to order - Typically 7-10 days to produce - Ships worldwide from Sydney, Australia
Price : $95.00

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  A546 or A567 18K Ring + Sapphire Stone     $450.00
  A546 or A567 18K Ring + Peridot Stone     $420.00
  A546 or A567 18K Ring     $390.00
  A546 or A567 9K Ring + Sapphire Stone     $245.00
  A546 or A567 9K Ring + Peridot Stone     $215.00
  A546 or A567 9K Ring     $185.00
  A546 or A567 Silver Ring + Sapphire Stone     $155.00
  A546 or A567 Silver Ring + Peridot Stone     $125.00
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Natural Gemstone Eternity Ring

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