Karma Circle Ring Style 2
by posse & rake
Sterling Silver 925 - centre piece arrow heads with two separate removable shoulder rings. In Stock 1 x Size: L.5 Sterling Silver 925 Ring Total Weight: 8gms This ring can be made in various sizes. Also can be yellow, white or pink gold (9 or 18 carat) or mixture of metals with diamond set arrow heads if required. Prices vary accordingly. Contact us for special orders, or for more details. More about the Karma collection: The circle with the double-headed arrow represents the Law of Karma. Karma as described in Buddhism or other Eastern religions is a complicated subject based on cause and effect. However, the most basic definition would be: “What you give out in life comes back to you” The Karma circles in the Posse & Rake jewellery represent your control over your own destiny. The things you focus on will become the truth for you. As you wear the circle remember to put out to the Universe only those thoughts, words, actions and feelings that support your highest personal and spiritual goals. Expect Good Things Today, Expectation Breeds Miracles!
Price : $330.00

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Karma Circle Ring Style 2

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